The Schwa

In late 2011 we suddenly and surprisingly found ourselves embroiled in one of the oddest David and Goliath fights this side of the slingshot. Read More

The Parade

Saturday, January 30th at 5pm. Roll with us starting again at St. Roch and N. Robertson. Read More

A ‘tit History

Inspired by Bacchus, the father of all super krewes, the creators of ‘tit Rəx asked: in an age when super krewes are setting the bar for larger and larger spectacles, when route consolidation has resulted in epic evenings of parade upon parade, when the size and velocity of throws has become at times physically hazardous to the recipients, could New Orleans not benefit from one krewe that takes the opposite approach? We thought so...

More About Us

2015 – le Enfant Terrible

Join us again this year, Saturday January 30th 2016, 5pm starting at St. Roch & N. Robertson!

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Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations to ‘tit Rəx’s very own Michael Cerveris on his Tony Award win tonight! We’re...

T. Rex Parade: A Short Film About A Book About A Parade

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