2017 Parade & Route – ‘tit Rex Takes a Nap

"… to nap, perchance to dream – ay, there's the rub, for in this nap of dearth what dreams may come…" ( kinda paraphrased )

2017 is upon us, and what a weighty load it is! What better time to think of finer things, and what could be finer than a NAP?!  Join us on Saturday, February 18th at 5pm!  

The place is now famous: St. Roch & St. Claude ( actually the neutral ground at Marais Street on St. Roch ) for our NINTH ANNUAL ROLL!  Come a little early to see the floats line up on the neutral ground to get pics and better looks.



We're happy to be back and we're happy to celebrate with all of you and all our friends in the Marigny & Bywater neighborhoods!  See you on the 18th!