tit Rex parades in Marigny

Rob Cambre and ‘X’

Posted By Will Coviello on Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 10:56 AM – New Orleans Gambit

The krewe of ’tit Rex braved a rainy night to roll it tiny floats through Marigny. The parade marked its 10th year, and many floats worked an “x” into a theme. The “Expired” float included a tiny New Orleans cemetery and was covered with logos of former New Orleans businesses, such as K&B, McKenzie’s, Weirlein’s and Al Scramuzza’s Seafood City. A float with a tiny Audubon Zoo seemed to have animals battling extinction, such as tigers and blue whales.

At the front of the parade were two floats with handlers operating marionettes. The first, pulled by musician Quintron had Miss Panacea’s puppets, one of them riding as Queen of the parade. The second puppet was an old woman in a bathtub in a float labelled “Exfoliatin’!.”

One float titled “Wretched Excess” was a jumbled artistic assemblage incorporating toys and other things, topped by a doll riding a horse and wrapped in light strings. A float with an existential theme featured famous writers (“Existential X-Men”) and the maker handed out existential quotes in tiny books.

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