‘Tit Rex presents Field Day 2010 Is Now ‘tit Rex presents Bar Day 2010!

It’s Official!
Due to inclement weather, Field Day is relocating to the Lost Love Lounge in a breathtaking display of oganizational agility.
Never Fear! We still have some of the original events modified for indoors, as well as some new events, with one-of-a-kind award wristbands; the Art Ref; delicious gourmet sack lunches from Giannio’s; rare ‘tit Rex t-shirts; as well as New Dopey Singers at 3pm. What more could you ask for a rainy sunday? Come to the Lost Love and forget your blood lust for BP executives for an afternoon!

New Time: 1pm – 5pm

New events:
mini pie eating contest
orange you glad to see me?
marshmallow marathon
doubloon spitoon
‘tit Rex Ultimate Mini-Challenge

Hope to see you there!

Your ‘tit Rex 2010 President,

jeremy yuslum