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Parade Day Pics

more parade day pictures can be found here....
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Parade Day Video – 2009

this video was shot by fields of garlic. thanks dave....
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Happy ‘tit Rex Day!

Today is the day! The day that we will bask in the glory of our tiny victories! All Hail ‘tit Rex!!!!!...
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Declaration of Existence

After much resistance the signing of the Articles has been made official! Together we are tiny. Our second line is 1.5. New Orleans needs smaller floats. The sturdy table pictured here with all hands on deck is the vessel that incorporated the diminuative mirthmakers. King Tut would definitely be proud! Is there anyone that objects? Continue Reading...
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‘titREX flickr group

hey guys, i created a ‘titREX flickr pool. i thought it would be nice to have a place to dump all our awesome ‘titREX preparation pics [as well as parade pics]. a sort of one stop shopping for ‘titREX imagery. photo viewing of the group is open to the public. all you need is a Continue Reading...
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