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flyer + parade route map

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On the Scarcity of Thrift Store Trophies in Flood Zones

Yes, the title float is not quite finished, but it will contain trophy elements….elements i thought would be easy to find, having for the duration of my life encountered a surplus of trophies in thift stores…little did i realize that in a post-K world, trashed trophies trechinating true treasures are a rarity… and then it Continue Reading...
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More tiny

The smallness don’t quit – Annie is at work on tiny stuffed throws:...
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tiny throws = tiny cups

even GODZILLA* loves ‘titREX.*GODZILLA not actual size.i have to say, my favorite throws are the cups. you can never have too many cups, they are forever practical and always useful. so if ‘titTEX = tiny… tiny cups it is. i’ve made up a template with graphics, so we can make a few thimble sized cup Continue Reading...
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