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2011 poster + route map

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Tiny Throws: ‘tit Rex 2011

  Makin' tiny throws, some general-purpose, some float-specific and sea-themed for my float, titled "The Angry Mermaid" (pics coming soon): beaded bracelets, tiny coconuts, gris-gris bags, mer-babies, garters, etc. The gators and Tabasco throws are President Jeremy Yuslum's.            ...
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Tiny Inspiration: The Moomin House

Pics of the miniature house built by the Russian artist named Dasha on her LJ page, inspired by the Finnish series of children’s books about moomin trolls (thanks to Tala Voropaeva for the hookup)....
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tiny incentives

        The tiny float making days are upon us. lori nix has an impressive portfolio of tiny dioramas....
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