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Veronica Russell on Krewe of ‘tit Rex

Veronica Russell, New Orleans artist, actress, costume designer, gives a short interview about her start and continued involvement with the krewe of 'tit Rǝx, including some krewe history, thoughts and observations on carnival in general....
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Some Retro Thoughts from Co-Founder Czarzasty

I recently found Alan Czarzasty’s response to the original ‘tit Rex exploratory questionairre. For those of you who don’t know Alan: along with Todd Schrenk, he was the other guy Really into the idea of ‘tit Rex on the night of its inception. Unfortunately he is no longer on this plane of earthly existence. i Continue Reading...
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Declaration of Existence

After much resistance the signing of the Articles has been made official! Together we are tiny. Our second line is 1.5. New Orleans needs smaller floats. The sturdy table pictured here with all hands on deck is the vessel that incorporated the diminuative mirthmakers. King Tut would definitely be proud! Is there anyone that objects? Continue Reading...
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