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Last Weekend: ‘tit Rǝx Bares All

Cree McCree of 'tit Rǝx     PostedJanuary 30, 2013 by Alex Rawls Photo from the 'tit Rex parade.   [Updated] Last year's the Krewe of 'tit Rex (imagine that "e" is a schwa in this and all other uses of the krewe title) faced controversy when Rex challenged Carnival's first microkrewe over its name. Continue Reading...
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‘tit Rəx Mini-cam 2013 – Street Level ‘tit

Special thanks to Christopher Skinner for making this happen.  Check out the official page on UStream   Video streaming by Ustream...
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Parade Day Coverage – 2012

The 'tit Rex Parade. The Bywater, New Orleans, 2012 The krewe's 2012 theme was Napoleon Avenue Complex – referring to the diminutive French emperor and the Uptown parade route of the more established New Orleans Carnival organizations....
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Parade Day Coverage – 2011

Beginning of the parade, 2011...
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Parade Day Video Coverage – 2010

video coverage by Alex Rawl for OffBeat....
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