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“The Angry Mermaid” Float

"The Angry Mermaid" float by Tatyana Mescheryakova The little mermaid grows up, gets angry about the destruction of her underwater domain that's being caused by the climate change, and leads her ocean army to war with the humans. In particular, she's had enough of the inadequate response and sketchy reports of the cleanup of her Continue Reading...
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Tiny Throws: ‘tit Rex 2011

  Makin' tiny throws, some general-purpose, some float-specific and sea-themed for my float, titled "The Angry Mermaid" (pics coming soon): beaded bracelets, tiny coconuts, gris-gris bags, mer-babies, garters, etc. The gators and Tabasco throws are President Jeremy Yuslum's.            ...
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tiny incentives

        The tiny float making days are upon us. lori nix has an impressive portfolio of tiny dioramas....
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“The Dead Ain’t Gone” Float

I filled my float with the Gede, a family of spirits in the vodou tradition, who come from the New World (Haiti in particular) and are popular in New Orleans. The more famous members of the family include Manman Brigitte and Les Barons, and Baron Cimitiere. The Gede guard the cemeteries and help people pass Continue Reading...
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more from tiny throws big blowout

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