Galleries – 2016

'tit Rəx 2016  "No Big Deal"

It was, again, a beautiful day as we gathered at the St. Roch Firehouse for the pre-parade party. Our 8th year was upon us and we were once more decked out in formalwear, or close enough, to wend our way thorugh the streets of the Marigny. "No Big Deal" was to draw record numbers along the 13 block route we've come to know so well.

Only minor surprises for us this year: a few route crashers, and some (ultimately anemic) attempts to "DISRUPT!" our roll with destructo rc-cars. Woohoo! Yeeehaw! – whoops, did I just crush the front of that? Sorry, I was handing a child a 'throw' I didn't notice….

Anyway, the parade, Gallier Small, and Ping-Pong Ball afterwards at the AllWays Lounge was another great success!