Galleries – 2017

'tit Rəx Takes A Nap

The driving rain put a damper on things…. on Friday, the night before our roll. Luckily we had nothing but blue skies and sunshine for OUR parade this year. It was, again, incredible weather, and people came out in droves to see the little parade that could.

A record number of spectators and lovers or all things 'tit gathered with us on the St. Roch neutral ground as we lined up after our traditional gathering at the St. Roch Firehouse (thank you again to all there!). It was hard to actually see the floats as photographers, videographers, people young and old crowded 'round to get their first peeks at this year's theme. 

A minor snag: a line of BIG floats rolled right over the head of the parade as we came up to St. Claude.  If you live in the neighborhood this is a common sight, and near-daily inconvenience during the last weeks of Carnival. Never one to be bowled over by anything BIG in our way, our intrepid krewe saw our opening and pushed on through.

Again, thanks to the tons of people who lined the route through the Marigny! And special thanks to our annual friends who opened their homes to us at our midway MiMi's break! You're the greatest and the whole krewe appreciates your kindness!

Anyway, the parade, Gallier Small, and Ping-Pong Ball afterwards at the AllWays Lounge was another one for the record books!