Galleries – 2012

"Napoleon Avenue Complex"

Had we become so wrapped up in our own 'awesomeness' that we felt invincible? This year shook our collective psyches to the core when REX, the King of Carnival slapped us with a law suit demanding we change our name to … anything other than 'Rex'.

Long deliberations over (too many drinks) had our board members scratching, and banging, their heads together for the solution. In the end it came to us in the form of an underrated, yet universally remembered and understood vowel symbol – the schwa 'e'.

Pulling a rabit out of a ski-mask?  Maybe. But we forged ahead with a new sense of identity and a new found sense of triumph in the face of adversity. To our relief the mighty REX organization relented with a "Yeaaaah, that'll do." Fate (and most news outlets who couldn't or wouldn't figure out how to insert a 'ǝ' into our name) sought fit to put us in a category with some other notable artistic entities so we would for years to come be known as "The Krewe Formerly Known as 'tit Rex" …  we rolled with it. Read the whole story of that harrowing adventure HERE.