How Can I Participate?

titRex-involved-3Many people ask, “Hey that’s really great, can I sign up?” And while we don’t discourage participation, keep in mind that the very basis of the parade is to do things *small* We can’t have a small parade that stretches a mile long, and that’s why we cap the number of floats that roll each year to a manageable number of 30. “That’s not very inclusive,” you might criticize… but remember the parade isn’t just the people marching down the middle of the street!  

titRex-involved-2The krewe may be small, but the audience each year has grown and grown, and we definitely appreciate everyone coming out to celebrate all things small! Mardi Gras is a time of celebration and spectacle, joy and community. To say we revel in it would be, well…. anyway…  

Although rolling in the main parade is reserved for krewe members, and even then there are precious few slots available, we have seen something crop up over the past few years: micro displays of ‘tit lovin’. Some of these tiny scenes are just as elaborate as the floats, sometimes MORE so.  

titRex-involved-1We encourage the artistic, the innovative, the crazy and the clever to make their own ‘tit-sized crowd scenes and other parade related paraphernalia. We may be marching, but YOU are also part of the spectacle. Just remember, keep it small!  

We’ve also become one of the kid-friendliest of the parades during Mardi Gras, not only because of our scale, but also our time, location and overall size. And while we’re not exactly as bawdy as Krewe du Vieux we’re also not as G-rated as Elmo.

Then again, this IS New Orleans, if you are a kid here, you get it. It’s all a part of the overall ethos – sometimes BIGGER doesn’t necessarily mean better.  

We roll this year on Februay 3rd, 2018, at 5pm, starting in our usual spot on the neutral ground of St Roch (between N. Robertson & Marais). The line-up before the parade gives those who want to examine the floats more closely a chance to do so, also to chat with members, makers and riders and to snap pics. See the parade route here, and see you out there!